Indie Fever Reading Challenge!

Indie Fever

Thanks to Darlene Elizabeth Williams of, I found out about the 2013 “Indie Fever” Reading Challenge. Not only will participation force me to read faster than I otherwise might have, but here is another chance to spread the word about quality Indie fiction. I wish I had more time to read, because I would have entered at the “fanatic” level (28 or more Indie books), but as my current situation prevents fanaticism, I have entered at the “lover” level, hoping to rise perhaps to the “expert.” This will be grand fun! You can find a link to other participants’ blogs at

THEREFORE, the next book up for review is Requiem, by crime author Bill Kitson’s HF-writing alter ego, William Gordon. It seems that Mr. Kitson has chosen a publishing route similar to that of Joan Druett, who was interviewed back in July: simultaneously self-publishing and working with a mainstream house (Hale). I would like to continue our series “From Mainstream to Indie” with an interview with Mr. Kitson, if he is amenable, at some point.

This looks to be a rags-to-riches (and perhaps back again) family saga–the first in the Byland Crescent series–following the fortunes of the wealthy entrepreneur, Albert Cowgill, and his family. The drama takes place in Northern Yorkshire in England from 1878 through the First World War. Appropriately, with the next season of Downton Abbey having just begun on Sunday, Requiem looks to be another sweeping family saga for book lovers to indulge in–we shall see. Mr. Kitson has a personal blog at

Review schedule for the rest of 2012

The review schedule for the remainder of 2012 has changed a bit, thus:

August: Vivaldi’s Muse by Sarah Bruce Kelly (also further commentary on the August HNS review of Oleanna by Julie K. Rose)

September: Spirit of Lost Angels by Liza Perrat

October: The Concubine’s Gift by K. Ford K.  and Blomqvist by Michael Hickens

November: Saving Gerda by Lilian Darcy, and Unbidden by Jill Hughey

December: The Other Alexander by Andrew Levkoff

I will work in these other books that I have committed to (due to a lack of willpower and being way too intrigued by the content to turn down!) during this year as well; my time is becoming more manageable now, so I will be able to review more than a single book per month.

-the next two novels in the Sea Witch series by Helen Hollick

Loud, Disorderly, and Boisterous by Adam M. Johnson

Wanting Rita by Elyse Douglas

Andy Leelu by B.L. Gautam

Requiem by Bill Kitson

On the list for next year are more intriguing titles:

Malinalli of the Fifth Sun by Helen Heightsman Gordon

Absolom Rex by K.L. Coones


I was just looking around the Indie B.R.A.G site to see what was new and I came across these gems that I am adding to my review list for 2013:

Ashford by Melanie Rose: Seventeen year old Anna is a naive American orphan, delighted to find herself on a tour of Europe in the spring of 1939. A feeling of camaraderie with all mankind thrills her as she mingles with throngs of foreigners, but her joy is short-lived. WWII shatters the world.

As fathers and sons, husbands and brothers dive grimly into the trenches, Anna is left stranded in England, disillusioned and afraid. However, this worldwide catastrophe may be the perfect catalyst to mature Anna into the brave young woman she longs to be. Even as the world is shadowed with disaster, Anna finds friends in the kindly Bertram family.

In the midst of all that threatens to tear her world apart, will she find a place to truly belong?

After the Rising by Orna Ross: When Jo Devereux returns to Ireland after an absence of 20 years, the last thing she expects is to end up writing a family history. Growing up in Mucknamore in the 1970s, with her village riven by the divides of a previous time, Jo found family pride brought her nothing but heartbreak and loss. Now, unearthing seventy-year old secrets of love and revenge in a time of war, and a killing that has haunted three generations, she begins to understand why.

In revealing astonishing truths about her mother and grandmother, Jo is brought face-to-face with her own past and her intense relationship with Rory O’Donovan, who still lives in Mucknamore.

Add to that list the Montfort series by Katherine Ashe. How can a person be expected to keep up with all the quality novels out there???