HNS Conference “Off-the-Beaten-Path Panel”

BEA has now passed- 2013 will be a stellar year for historical fiction; I mailed two full boxes of books home, and my shoulders were killing me from carrying all that around the exhibit hall. The best thing I did, though, was attend the Speed Dating session for Book Groups, where one could hear about the upcoming releases targeted to this market face-to-face with publicists from more than 20 publishing houses. Here is the link to the slide show that accompanied the session; I hope you will find it helpful, too:

Now, on to the swiftly upcoming HNS Conference in Florida. The dates are June 21-23. I will be on a panel on Saturday with the lovely Julie Rose (, Audra Friend (, and Heather Domin ( discussing why readers should consider off-the-beaten path hf, along with giving recommendations of our favorite reads and upcoming titles that might be of interest.

What do we mean by “off-the-beaten-path”?

“There’s nothing wrong with popularity! But with so many books out there and only so much time and space for promotion, the most popular themes naturally get the most attention, while others remain out of the spotlight. In this panel we will explore current themes and trends in historical fiction and take a look at some books that veer off these paths. Our goal is to show readers the wide variety of historical fiction available to them, and to show writers that there is an audience for every story. If you’ve ever asked, ‘Doesn’t anyone write (…)?’ this panel is for you.”

“In this panel, ‘mainstream’ refers to the most well-known settings, eras, characters, and/or styles in current historical fiction.”
“What our definition of mainstream is NOT:
 – A method of publishing
 – A list of targeted topics
 – Overdone (aka ‘popular = bad’)”


If you are attending the conference and are interested to learn what type of books are out there for those with a wandering imaginations, please join us! I look forward to meeting you.

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