I have been reconsidering my ability to continue reviewing on a regular basis. I already review fewer than one book a month, and that is not fair to the authors to whom I have made commitments. My collaboration with Steve, sadly, did not work out either.

My passion for reading has diminished lately, mostly because I am burnt out.  I have been writing reviews generally for over ten years, and the non-fiction editing I do full-time has increased in amount and intensity.  I promised myself long ago that when I lose my enthusiasm and energy for reviewing, when it becomes a chore rather than  a pleasure, I would stop, at least until the passion returns. It is unfair to authors to offer a review that has been forced; I want to do it well or not do it at all. It has been too tempting to accept offers for SP novels that appeal to my reading tastes, however, I simply cannot do it any longer. I cannot even promise to complete the books I have already received, and I hope you can accept my deepest apologies.  For the many patient and kind authors who have sent me their novels, I am happy to return them at my own expense.

I will still be writing here occasionally–thoughts about intriguing books I may read on my own at times–and all past reviews and posts will remain.

I am sorry I must make this announcement. If doing this as a paid profession were an option, I would immediately quit my day job (the main source of my burnout) : ) For now, I need to shift my focus to other matters so that I can recover.

Thank you to bloggers who have promoted The Queen’s Quill, authors and publicists who have requested reviews, and subscribers and readers.

My best wishes to you all.

Andrea, The Queen’s Quill


3 responses

  1. Amanda I know exactly what you feel – I still have my passion for reading, but my eyesight is making it more difficult for me to see print. I think it will not be long before I have to give up as well.
    DO keep your blog going when you can – not about reviews, but for books you’ve enjoyed reading just for the pleasure of reading.
    Take care of yourself!

  2. You’ve been such a stalwart voice for historical fiction, and I for one am very grateful for the time and work you’ve put into HNS and this blog. But you have to take care of yourself, first and foremost!

  3. I have enjoyed your reviews and will miss them BUT you know you are always welcome to read for us at indieBRAG! There is no pressure and you can read as often or as seldom as you like. The BR.A.G.Medallion is to recognize books “readers” enjoy- so read for your pleasure.
    You will always be welcome!
    Take care-

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