Europa Editions

ImageI don’t only review Indie books here- I also expand my horizons to the small and independent presses in the mainstream. My particular favorite right now is Europa Editions. This amazing small publisher brings “quality English editions of international literature” to the American reader. The majority of these books are translated from their native languages, but don’t shy away from that. The translations are done beautifully. The books’ presentation is unique, attractive, and appealing with bold colors and deceptively simple and elegant designs (Europa claims they incorporate both European and American jacket designs). I’ve only seen trade paperbacks with inner folded flaps (called “French flaps” I believe) from Europa, but they are so pleasing to hold in one’s hands, I wouldn’t want them any other way. The novel I’m currently reading, published by Europa, is You Are Not Like Other Mothers by Angelika Schrobsdorff (translated from German), a massive, captivating story initially set in Berlin, engulfing the periods of the first and second world wars.  I’m only 200 pages (out of over 500) into  this memoir of an “unconventional” Jewish woman and her bohemian lifestyle, but I am astonished by the sophisticated prose, strong imagery, and imaginative pull of this book. I couldn’t get any deeper into a character’s head if I tried! But I will write a full review when I am done.

I love this blurb about the publisher: “You could consider Europa Editions, the  sprightly new publishing venture [Kent Carroll] has just started in New York, as a kind of book club for Americans who thirst after exciting foreign fiction.”—LA Weekly

I picked up a poster at Europa’s booth at BEA three years ago that I have framed and hung in a place of honor in my office: “I read, therefore I am.” We dedicated readers live and breathe through our books and Europa Editions has filled a necessary gap in the American publishing field–a simple and direct focus on great literature from all over the world. Peruse the publisher’s website at


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