Coming Up Soon: Review of Liza Perrat’s The Spirit of Lost Angels

I am nearing the end of The Spirit of Lost Angels and hope to post a review before I go to London for the HNS Conference next Thursday. I will definitely blog from the conference about all the wonderful participants, the panel sessions, and the medieval banquet on Saturday night. I, along with Sarah Johnson (Reading the Past) will be attending Margaret George’s talk at the Tower of London on Monday evening. There is so much to do still before I go!

After completing Lost Angels, I will be shifting the schedule a little to read Kim Zollman Rendfeld’s The Cross and the Dragon, “a tale of revenge, sacrifice, and enduring love set in the Kingdom of the Franks during the beginning of Charlemagne’s reign”*– Sarah Johnson has just interviewed Kim Rendfeld on her blog, Reading the Past, and it makes for some fascinating reading about the author’s thinking behind the writing of the book. Visit the page here:

Thus, the October review will be The Cross and the Dragon. Thank you to the author for going out of her way to send me a printed copy of her book at my request.

*quote from Sarah’s interview



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  1. Really excited to see your review of Kim’s book. It’s near the top of my TBR list!

    I hope folks will be live-Tweeting from HNS as well, so the rest of us can have some vicarious fun.

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