World Book Night 2013

Because I enjoyed Helen Hollick’s Sea Witch so much, I’d like to share this link with you–it’s for World Book Night 2013, and we are trying to round up support for Helen’s book, Sea Witch, by nominating it for this event.

Take a minute to remember what it was that made you first fall in love with reading: the incredible passion you felt, and still feel, for books, for stories; the excited feeling you still get when you pick up a book that you just can’t wait to read and think about the places it will take you, the people you’ll meet and the joy you’ll get from reading it.

Now think about the millions of people who have never been on that journey or who, somewhere along the way, have forgotten how incredible it can be. Think about the power of putting a book in to their hands and saying ‘this one’s amazing, you have to read it’.

World Book Night reaches out to those who don’t regularly read by using passionate book lovers around the country to become reading ambassadors and to do just that within their communities, book by book, reader by reader, hand to hand, getting the whole country reading. (World Book Night website)

If you loved the book as much as I did, follow the link to and nominate Sea Witch.

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  1. Oh – how exciting (and flattering!) thank you Andrea.
    When Rachel (one of my superb HNS UK Indie Book reviewers, and a good friend) said she had nominated Sea Witch, my first thought was of being immensely proud that someone should bother to put themselves out to nominate my Jesamiah – my second thought, after I had popped across to look at the 100 top nominated books, was “Yes, books that are Indie published should be included in this list – and why not my Sea Witch Voyages? They are good enough to be there.”

    I’m not boasting or going on an ego trip or anything, I’m just stating my faith in my characters!

    Thanks Andrea and umm, votes welcome! 🙂

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