Reading a little slower than I had hoped…

BEA itself was the usual frenetic, crowded, overwhelming, and FUN experience. Wandering the booths, that is. I attended one educational session, titled “The Current Size of U.S. Book Publishing: Exploring Shifts (2008-2011) Across Format, Category and Channel” in which supposedly the “members of the BookStats Steering Committee will reveal topline results from BookStats 2012 and discuss the importance of good data to the entire industry.” They definitely discussed the importance of good data… Since the study hadn’t been officially released and the authors were unwilling to spill the beans on the results, they instead discussed the statistical methodology used to come up with the study design. I think I can speak for the majority of attendees in the room when I say we were collectively disappointed that the title of the session was so misleading. I also attended the session for book club leaders, in which the latest book club titles were promoted by publishers. It was a very useful and informative session, actually, and I came away with copies of some of the wonderful titles.

As for my reading progress, I am moving forward like a car on the Washington, DC beltway at rush hour. I do apologize; life does tend to get in the way of reading at times, especially recently having returned from a trip to New York City! I am three-quarters of the way through Oleanna, and then I shall move on to Darkness into Light. I will be a bit late on reviews, unfortunately.

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