Burning Silk really will be reviewed, I promise…

I realize I am now officially late with a review for Burning Silk. I, being the overcommitted book lover that I am, committed to write a review of Susanna Kearsley’s Mariana for the next issue of the Historical Novels Review. There are times when I tire of sifting for a diamond and am drawn to the pile of shiny jewels already stacked on the shelves…


I am looking forward to the fall (yes, it’s quite a while away) when I will board a plane for London and have nothing to do except READ! And not the Kindle…. I plan to bring at least two books with me, and I know I will return home with a suitcase full of fantastic historical fiction. For anyone planning to attend the 2012 HNS Conference in London, I will see you there! Helen Hollick and her UK team will have a table and will be prepared to discuss self-publishing to anyone interested. Here is her piece on the conference website: http://www.hns-conference.org.uk/self-publish-think-quality-not-quantity/

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