Still slugging away

I’m still only half-way through The Afflicted Girls. I wish, wish, wish I had more time to read. Whenever my little one sleeps (which is one or two 20-minute naps a day at best), I am rushing around trying to grab a bite to eat or cleaning bottles. Oh, the days of being pregnant when all I had to do was lie there….

And I am doing a backwards whoop-de-doo on the Kindle now. I have grown tired of electronic reading. I began to yearn for the paperback feel in my hands last week, so I have abandoned the Kindle for the time being and pulled out my trusted paper copy of The Afflicted Girls. I’m reading faster (in a relative sense) this way.  I still appreciate the Kindle for the Publisher’s Weekly subscription, though. What I am going to like, however, is the new iPhone, which I and a million other die-hard Apple fans are waiting for with baited breath. I’m a gadget fiend, yes, but I love my books.

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