Interview on Stephanie Barko’s Blog

My interview on Stephanie Barko’s blog about the Historical Novel Society Online, our submission criteria, and what we look for in self- and subsidy-published fiction. If you have written a self- or subsidy-published historical novel and it meets our submission criteria, email me for details at

Things with the little one (now six months old!) have settled down a bit, and I will be posting reviews again soon.

2 responses

  1. I came over from reading your interview at Stephanie’s. I enjoyed the interview. You gave some great advice for writers like me.

    Though your baby is six months old, I wanted to congratulate you. Motherhood is definitely a big step. My sons are 8 and 9…14 months apart. It has definitely been a trip. They’re almost like having twins. And two boys…well, you can imagine!

    Looking forward to reading your reviews. Glad you will be taking it up again. I’m going to subscribe so I can keep up with your posts.

    • Michelle,
      Thank you for your comments and congratulations! I can’t imagine doing this 14 months apart–believe me, I have the greatest respect for all mothers, but especially mothers like you! I am working on squeezing in more reading time so I can write more. It’s still a challenge, but I am going to make this work!

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