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What a world we live in! I was ordering The Courtesan and the Samurai (story of a young Samurai wife in Edo [soon to become Tokyo] in  the late 1860s  who runs away from her husband’s abuse and ends up in the Yoshiwara, Edo’s pleasure quarter, where she becomes a courtesan) from The Book Depository a few minutes ago and stumbled on a clickable button that allows me to watch what people around the world are purchasing in real time!  From France to Sweden to Malawi to Israel, I got to watch which books anonymous people had purchased! It’s rather voyeuristic, I suppose, you could call it reader voyeurism on a large scale, but I’m finding it fascinating to watch reader preferences worldwide.  Someone in Finland just bought “Love in the Afternoon”…while in Ohio, “Time Out in Istanbul” was just purchased, and at the same time someone in the UK bought a Nora Roberts novel…The Time Traveler’s Handbook in Australia…someone in Ireland looks like they’re planning a trip to Oslo..not seeing any purchases in Kazakastan or India yet…I could do this all day! Check it out if you are bored!

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