Day 2 at BEA

Day 2 of BEA–next time I think I’ll skip Day 1. I went to one panel in the morning yesterday–the outcome was that publishers are unsure about their footing in this new “e-world,” authors are concerned about their intellectual property rights, and an agent had nothing but sarcasm for the audience. Even with this being my initial foray into the commercial publishing world, I didn’t have to be a genius to figure that out. That was it. I didn’t make it to the Editor’s Buzz at 4:30–I thought I could figure out the Metro system, peruse the entire Strand, and get back to the convention center in due time. What I didn’t know about New York exhausted me!

Pretty, isn't it? Union Square, I think.

Today though, was INSANE. I loved it. I caught up on the Editor’s Buzz by listening to the “chosen six” speak about their books, finally met my fellow American HNS editors in PERSON after almost a decade being involved with the society (such a wonderful time!), and spent countless hours wandering the aisles of the exhibition hall. I spent a good deal of time with one of my authors–and now a person I can call friend–Suzy Witten (The Afflicted Girls), whose efforts over the past many years are finally being recognized. I’m proud of her. And it was a blessing to be able to meet her in person.

Getting toward the front of the line at BEA!

Yes, the free books at BEA are nice. Maybe nice isn’t the word–exciting, enticing perhaps. However, it is the interactions, however few and brief, that impacted me most today. I was very proud to introduce one young lady to the Historical Novel Society (probably my proudest moment of the day!). Going to author signings, I tried to engage the authors and gauge their personalities. Anne Fortier (Juliet) is a highly sensitive person, based on hearing her speak at the panel and her reaction when I told her I really appreciated her sensitivity (and her 6th sense). I saw her face light up– I suspect she doesn’t hear that often. I enjoyed meeting Jonathan Evison (West of Here)–he’s quite a talker and, from what I heard and witnessed, quite a rebel. Obviously, these are simply observations from the back room…but I am fascinated with authors’ personalities and how they translate into their writing.

Tomorrow looks to be another fine BEA day. More signings, more panels, more meeting people. I’m happy as a clam here.

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