Day 1 of the BEA Adventure

I honestly hadn’t heard of Book Expo America until a few months ago when I became professionally involved in the publishing industry…and here I am settling in my little room in the big apple. Tomorrow is the first day. I don’t know what to expect, but I do know that any conference revolving around books and publishing can’t disappoint! I just checked the floor plan on the BEA website and I was shocked–how in the WORLD am I going to be able to visit every booth I want to??? How am I going to find my way around??? I’ve been perusing various book blogs for tips about how to handle this colossal event–and I’m taking some of the advice to heart, most importantly, the SHOES. What a dilemma. Look good or feel comfy. I have opted for something in between–a nice pair of sandals. Let’s hope that works.

Tonight I became exploratory out of necessity–having food allergies and traveling are uncomfortable companions, so I had to stake out the nearest Whole Foods and learn my way around a bit of the Metro, walk about 10 blocks…but, hey, what’s being in the big city without exploring by foot? Times Square, the garment district (where I’m staying)–it was a good start. I couldn’t remember what country I was in, hearing so many different languages being spoken–India, Russia, Ireland? New York is still the melting pot it always was, eh?

I’m resting now, anticipating how EXHAUSTING these next three days are going to be. I can’t wait until tomorrow. See you there!

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